Hello, I’m Brandon

I'm a multi-disciplinary product designer dwelling in Los Angeles.

Currently: Sr. Product Designer at Redfin

My Story

Writing was my first love, from the time I was around 8. In my senior year of high school, I managed to write a 460-page novel draft. I went on to study English at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

During my time on California's central coast I fell for a new storytelling medium: photography. As I neared graduation, I started a wedding, engagement, and portrait photography business that united my love for stories and nature. Through it I learned how to design a website, run a business, bookkeep, provide great customer service, the list goes on. My work even got featured on a few prominent wedding blogs.

Those were good times, filled with growth and learning, but running a solo business didn't exactly scratch my collaborative itch.

Since then, I've spent years honing and merging my passions and talents to become a multi-disciplinary product designer and systems thinker who works at the intersection of design, strategy, marketing, and business. Every day I use my writing skills to craft communicative interfaces, my visual skills to help people understand which paths they can take, and my observation and directorial skills to influence and define roadmaps, improve processes, and lead change.


Oct 2022 - Present


Senior Product Designer
Jan 2020 - Oct 2022


Senior Product Designer
Sep 2017 - Dec 2019

Genius Sports

UX Strategist
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Photo of Jeff Mahacek
Jeff Mahacek
VP of Design at Redfin
"As a designer Brandon brings a natural affinity for storytelling, a photographer's eye for visuals, a trained editorial voice, and a sensitive and thoughtful empathy for his users. He carved out a unique spot on our team as the person who could handle the odd projects—the ones that had no clear path to success or completion—and find a way to thrive."
Photo of Jason Luna
Jason Luna
Senior Design Manager at Redfin
Brandon became a subject matter expert on every product he touched. A good leader once told me that the key to leadership success was to place absolute trust in the people you lead. Give them direction, but let them lead you. Brandon led me more than he knew. He's a kind person, a hard worker, a brilliant designer and a friend.”
Photo of Rashmi Lopez
Rashmi Lopez
Creative Director at CareRev
“I really do believe that Brandon is one in a million. I literally saw Product Managers fight over him as a resource! If a fellow visual designer wasn't around, I knew I could count on Brandon for feedback that would always make my designs 100x better as he has a detailed and seasoned eye, and phenomenal taste. He makes every team he's on better, and I can't recommend him enough.”
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