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I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and strategist with over 8 years of experience crafting solutions for people in a variety of contexts. By drawing upon my diverse background in writing, photography, marketing, and design, I employ the power of story to craft conversational and intuitive interfaces that satisfy both business and user needs. I'm a generalist, able to see how the big picture and the small details fit together to make a cohesive experience.

Outside the workplace I'm a nerd for books, games, and fresh air.

Genius Sports
UX Strategist 2019 • Associate UX Strategist 2017-2018

Led the design strategy of several B2B, internal, and marketing projects, working closely with our international teams in London, Medellín, and Vilnius.

  • Led product design and strategy for a suite of tools and services for our advertiser and publisher clients.

  • Crafted a Voice & Tone guide that defined our brand and content strategy.

  • Redesigned our website on a tight deadline, architecting 4 separate websites into a singular website ecosystem.

  • Conducted internal research to identify communication needs across the company. The study garnered a 73% participation rate among 1,000 employees worldwide.

  • Designed our group intranet, trained our admin users, and supported stakeholders during launch preparations.

  • Designed a UI solution for an in-house data storage and delivery service that was previously unusable to anyone outside the team that built it.

  • Contributed to the design of media widgets that featured live and pre-match data and sports betting odds.

Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce
Communications Coordinator 2013-2016

Originally hired to write press releases, I quickly expanded my role to encompass branding, print and web design, copywriting, marketing, SEO, and event photography.

  • Modernized the Chamber's logo and developed a brand identity and standards guide to establish cohesion across all our print and digital media.

  • Designed a responsive website using the brand standards I had defined. Cut costs and sped up content publishing abilities by bringing our website in-house.

  • Rebranded and redesigned the Chamber's weekly email newsletter. It won awards from the Western Association of Chamber Executives (WACE) two years in a row, for Outstanding Achievement in the E-Newsletter category: 1st Place in 2015 after receiving Honorable Mention in 2014.

  • Designed the monthly advocacy e-newsletter The Advocate, which also won a 1st place award in 2015 for Outstanding Achievement in the E-Newsletter category from the WACE.

  • Directed, produced content, and designed the cover for the annual publication Torrance Magazine & Resource Guide. I also championed, designed, and edited the quarterly print publication Your Connection.

  • Designed, scheduled, and published all marketing for events and offers, including social media, email, blogging, and press releases.


Lead UX Strategist, Oct 2020-present • UX Strategist, Jan 2020-Sept 2020

Design the future of independent work with colleagues across the US and Europe.

  • Strategist for the company's R&D team.

  • Lead the product design strategy across the Indy product offering, including the launch of new features and the refinement of existing ones.

  • Own UX copy. Evaluate and improve it across the platform.

  • Define the UX strategy process and build the UX strategy team.

Freelance UX Design & Consulting

Product design, web design, and consulting. My work has included user research, strategy, wireframes, hi-fi mock-ups, prototypes, and fully functional websites. Clients have spanned industries such as food, travel, sports, and non-profits.

Wedding & Portrait Photographer

In my third year of college, I started a photography business. In addition to photographing weddings, engagements, and portrait sessions, I conducted all business operations, including:

  • Designed an automated client onboarding workflow that provided a better personal touch, sped up the inquiry process, and improved the booking rate.

  • Communicated with leads, developed scope of work, and nurtured client relationships.

  • Oversaw the vision for the business's branding.

  • Designed the website, wrote copy, published blog posts, SEO, social media marketing and advertising.

  • Hired assistants (contractors) and managed them onsite.

  • Maintained income and expense records and established pricing.


UXDI Immersive • 2016-17

General Assembly

BA English, photo minor • 2011

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


HCI Certification • 2019



Information architecture
UX Copy
Heuristic analysis
High fidelity mockups
Color theory
Visual hierarchy
Accessibility standards
Competitive analysis
Data synthesis
Stakeholder interviews
Usability testing
User interviews
Workshop creation
Workshop facilitation


Adobe Creative Suite
Apple iWork Suite
Google Suite
Microsoft Office Suite


Fiction writing
Drawing & digital painting

Selected work

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Genius Sports

Website ecosystem

How I led the design strategy behind our ecosystem of 4 corporate websites.

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Genius Sports

Media Platform

How I architected and designed a platform consisting of 7+ products that helped us improve the speed, quality, and visibility of the services we provide our media clients.

Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce

Evolving a Legacy

How I drew upon a 100 year legacy to modernize the Torrance Chamber's brand.

Brandon was the first hire I made into my team—and every day after I was reminded how lucky I was to have him on our team. As a designer Brandon brings a natural affinity for storytelling, a photographer's eye for visuals, a trained editorial voice, and a sensitive and thoughtful empathy for his users. He carved out a unique spot on our team as the person who could handle the odd projects—the ones that had no clear path to success or completion—and find a way to thrive. He is highly collaborative, and sought out ways to learn from his teammates but also found ways to teach what he knew. He is a gift to any UX team, and I was lucky to work with him.

Jeff Mahacek
VP of Design at NerdWallet

Brandon became a subject matter expert on every product he touched, I always believed that a UX strategist should be just as involved and knowledgeable as any product owner. He embedded himself with the teams he worked with and was always an invaluable asset. So much in fact, product owners would fight for his time and his talent. A good leader once told me that the key to leadership success was to place absolute trust in the people you lead. Give them direction, but let them lead you. Brandon led me more than he knew. He's a kind person, a hard worker, a brilliant designer and a friend.

Jason Luna
Director of Product & Design at Indy

I really do believe that Brandon is one in a million. He's constantly learning, growing, and teaching. He's innovative, helpful and kind. I literally saw Product Managers fight over him as a resource (this is not an exaggeration)! If a fellow visual designer wasn't around, I knew I could count on Brandon for feedback that would always make my designs 100x better as he has a detailed and seasoned eye, and phenomenal taste. He makes every team he's on better, and I can't recommend him enough.

Rashmi Lopez
Creative Director at CareRev
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