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Konnect Resources, a staffing agency based in Orange County, CA and operating in over 40 states, needed a new website. The one they had didn’t have any content describing their services or giving visitors a sense of their business and mission. They hired me to help bring more valuable content and a fresh look to their corner of the web.
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Konnect Resources
My role
Web design, copywriting

The problem

Konnect’s website problems were multi-dimensional, including:

  • Huge stock photos spanned the height of the browser window on each webpage, hiding all the content below the fold
  • Very little content to speak of, aside from the job listings table on the job listings page
  • An incomplete brand identity
  • Despite there only being a few pages, all the menu items were hidden behind a dropdown
  • No website footer to create a discovery loop.

The solution

I take a holistic, content-driven approach to web design, focusing not just on the visual aspects but on how the visuals, copywriting, and experience strategically serve the needs of the business and its customers.

I worked directly with the owners of the business, Steve and Lukicia Kul, and their assistant Jessica to completely rewrite the website content and messaging from the ground up. In addition, my work focused on:

  • Sourcing all-new imagery
  • Establishing a visual style
  • Introducing new content
  • Candidate services
  • Employer services
  • About us

During the course of the project, as Konnect observed the content coming together, they made the decision to invest more in the project. They asked me if I knew anyone who could help with a logo refresh and anyone who could do some photo/video work for the website. Instead of taking a stock photo approach, this time around they wanted custom photography.

I helped them with both, introducing them to Jason Luna, who redesigned their logo and established a new color palette, and Creatiful, who created a new brand film and captured the photographs for the new website, including team photos.

The process

1. Rewrite the content

I worked closely with Jessica to define the messaging for the business and the topics we wanted to cover.

Using my favorite organizational writing tool, Notion, I wrote the content with a degree of visual organization and shared it with the team

2. Wireframe

With the content approved, I moved into wireframe mode, establishing the structural blueprint for the site with all the content laid out.

3. Moodboard

I shared my ideas for how the different elements of the site could look, including imagery and some website examples.

4. Hi-fi mockup

I did a couple of iterations on a hi-fi mockup to give the Konnect team a better sense of the final output.

5. Built the website in Webflow

This involved adding CSS styling to the embedded job listings interface and adding subtle animations to reveal images and other elements, adding some life to the site.



Here's a screenshot of the homepage prior to my redesign. The images at the top of each page completely covered the height of the browser window. You had to scroll to discover the content under it. This same pattern existed on all the pages.

The old Konnect homepage


Here's a screenshot of the homepage that showcases the outcome of this project.

The new Konnect homepage

My relationship with Konnect is ongoing. View the live website

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